The Curriculum

Jesus said, I have come that you should have life, life in all its fullness. John, 10:10

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Our key aim is for children to leave our school with skills and knowledge that equip them for the next stage of education and that whilst here they create happy memories.  Some of our events are deliberately designed with creating those memories in mind - the sports day family picnic and events, the Easter Egg hunt, the annual Wilbo's Got Talent show in school, the Potted Sports event on the last day of each year and the one off events such as Chinese New Year, royal wedding Victoria Sponge challenge and so on!  What we offer our pupils in terms of the broad experiences they have, is designed to deliver that aim.  

At our school we have thought about what our children need to know and also ask them what they would like to find out about at the start of each topic of work. In addition to our National Curriculum based topics, we also have a wider curriculum aimed at developing other key aspects of each child. 

Our House system allows for pupils to have responsibilities at school. The House Captains are elected in a democratic process and the children have a number of things to do in that role, including a pastoral role. The children hand out certificates in assembly to their peers for a variety of achievements from helping others to setting a good example on the playground. Children really look forward to being recognised in this way. 

We also have a School Council (elected) who this year have chosen a mufti day event and also recommended hot chocolate be provided at break in the colder weeks. The Anti-bullying committee meet termly in order to discuss this and have led worship on this too in order to keep the key messages a high priority.

We have a number of charities that we support each year. The children have "mufti" (non-uniform) days where funds are raised. We sponsor a child in India to go to school. The children are aware that this improves the life chances of that child and how important that is to him. We also raise funds for national events which pupils are interested in such as Children in Need and Comic Relief. This year we have held a mufti day to raise money for a local animal rescue, which came from the children wanting to focus on a more local and an animal charity. The charity work is important for our Christian ethos about valuing others and helping others. It is also important in terms of British values and citizenship - to be more aware of the world around them and the needs of others. 

In addition to this, as part of our R.E. units we visit places of worship. This year we have visited a Hindu Mandir in Leicester at Diwali and also journeyed down the "Golden Mile" for pupils to see the different lifestyle enjoyed by people of another culture. We had previously visited the Hindu Mandir in Wellingborough (2012 and 2014). We have also visited the Sikh Gurdwara in Northampton (2017 and 2015) and a mosque in Leicester (2016). These opportunities to see how people worship and the impact of faith on daily life are invaluable in preparing pupils for life in modern Britain. 

We teach first aid to our Year 5/6 pupils and they also are all offered Bikeability training - which usually has a 95% take up rate. These life skills broaden the experiences of pupils and also help to safeguard them. 

In the oldest class we cover the Paws B Mindfulness programme to support pupil's mental health. We also use a visiting secondary teacher and her team to enhance our relationships work with the older pupils. During the session body image and self esteem are a focus. 

Our bi-annual trip to Govilon in Wales (for Y5/6) offers the opportunity to experience outdoor and adventurous activity. It is designed carefully to offer a range of different and exciting challenges ("by choice") such as abseiling, canoeing and bush-craft, tunnel walking and waterfall walking. The children find the residential challenging as they must organise themselves and equipment and manage being away from home. All have a fabulous time and grow in confidence. It is a joy to see them do well during the week. 

We have regular visits from a touring theatre group and also fund a ten week music learning programme for a class each year in order that every child has the opportunity to play an instrument. Children have learnt samba, Africa drumming, ukulele and strings in the past with several continuing to learn afterwards. 

Our sports premium helps us to promote a love of being active. Our clubs and units of work include minority sports to try to engage wider groups of pupils. We also work with our MAT Schools to promote competitive events for all. 

We have library which is open before school on some days and the IT suite is open for three lunchtimes for pupils. Children have on offer a wide variety of sporting and other clubs which suit pupil interest (we ask them). We also have older pupils who run an art club for the younger ones. 

Our Christmas plays offer an opportunity for pupils to perform more widely and we have sharing assemblies where pupils show all they have learnt so far to parents. 

All of this in addition to the topics and subjects explicitly taught. 

Here on the right hand side bar you will find information about the year group expectations and the curriculum taught in each class. Through all our teaching we encourage critical thinking skills (such as seeing the bigger picture and making links between learning) and basic skills such as working as part of a team and treating everyone respectfully regardless of background or point of view in line with our Christian values such as co-operation.

Here is a link to the National Curriculum  September 2014 and the leaflets provided to parents on our information evening about the Government's expectations for pupils in each year.

For more detailed information about the curriculum "maps" for each class, please visit the class web pages where newsletters give more information and our gallery for photographs of our school in action!

Curriculum Year Group Expectations